Kingsley Half Pad 2 Layer - New!


  • $89.00

The Kingsley Pads® innovative saddle pads, developed using a variety of aerospace technologies. The three-dimensional woven material has several performance enhancing features.  Kingsley Pads® are built up of layers of breathable three-dimensional woven polyester fiber. The ventilation in this open structure reduces heat and moisture accumulations, which greatly reduces the risk of abnormal tissue. The weaving technique of the Kingsley Pads® allows for thousands of shock absorbers, thereby reducing the high peak pressure. Horses that make use of Kingsley Pads® have to deal with up to fifty percent. The risk of back pain decreases significantly.  The constant pressure distribution of Kingsley Pads® allows for less high-pressure locations on the body of the horse. The special weaving technique therefore directly results in a reduction of the risk of pressure points.

Condition: New *Minor dust or shop wear may be present from in-store display

Size: One Size

Colors: Brown, White, Black

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