Dada Sport Full Seat Breeches - US 24/FR 34 - New!

Dada Sport

  • $295.00
  • Save $95

Premium full seat riding pants with technical Italian microfiber fabric that provides breathability and optimal comfort. Gripp patches run from the knees to the crotch for maximum stability in the saddle. Stylish braided pockets on the front, a back yoke below the belt with large jeans-style stitching, and transparent patches with the DADA logo on the inner knees to the crotch. The pants feature wide belt loops, a DADA embroidered back loop, and a long ankle yoke of stretch fabric to make putting them on easier. Closure is provided by two DADA logo clips, a zipper, and an inner button.

Condition: New *Light dust/shop wear from in-store display

Size: US 24/FR 34

Color: Black

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