Elevated Equestrian Resale

Consignment policy

Items must be fully cleaned and in good repair to be accepted for consignment. If The Show Trunk handles cleaning or repairs to an item in order to render it saleable, the cost of the cleaning or repairs will be deducted from Consignor’s percentage of the selling price. The Show Trunk shall determine the acceptability of an item and retains the right to refuse or return to Consignor any item deemed unsaleable.

Consignment Period. All items are consigned for an initial period of six (6) months. The Show Trunk does not guarantee how long it will take to sell consigned items. Contracts will automatically renew after expiration, but Consignors may pick up any unsold items any time after the initial contract period. The Show Trunk will notify Consignor via email if there are unsaleable items remaining after the initial contract period.  All unsaleable items not picked up within two (2) weeks of notification to the Consignor will be donated to a local charitable organization.  Saddles are not subject to donation without express authorization by Consignor. 

Pricing. The Show Trunk will determine pricing on all items. Items will be priced at fair market value based upon our experience, sales history, and current market conditions. The Show Trunk reserves the right to lower the price of all items, except saddles, if given a reasonable offer. Should a customer make an offer of less than the asking price for a saddle, The Show Trunk will contact Consignor for authorization to accept, decline, or counter with a different price.

Commission FeesThe Show Trunk’s commission fees are 20% of the net selling price for saddles and 40% of the net selling price for all other consigned items.  The net selling price is the final sale amount minus any costs for processing, cleaning, or repair. 

Ownership.  Consignor warrants that the property being sold is owned by Consignor and there are no liens, judgments, or other encumbrances against the ownership of the consigned property.

Equipment Trial. Seller understands that consigned items may, at The Show Trunk’s discretion, be removed from the store by prospective purchasers for demonstration purposes and that some wear and tear may result.  Any equipment placed on trial will be secured by a valid credit card so a hold for the sales price may be placed upon it. For out of state trials, the customer may have a 7 business day trial period, with a 100% deposit. Consignor accepts that The Show Trunk is not liable for damage sustained to the saddle while out on trial.

Receivables. Consignor’s proceeds from sales will be available after the 15th of the month following the month of sale. Consignor balances will remain as in-store credit until the consignor requests payment. Check requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to pick up, and may be made via phone, email, text, or in person. Consignor payments are available electronically or via check.  If payment is requested by check, Consignor will be assessed a $.75 charge deducted from the receivable balance to cover check processing fees. Consignor will be responsible for any bank fees involved in reissuing lost or stolen checks. Consignor must provide a current mailing address, telephone, and/or e-mail address and is obligated to inform The Show Trunk if any of this information changes.

Exclusive Right to Sell. Consignor grants to The Show Trunk the exclusive right to sell the consigned equipment and agrees not to sell to another buyer elsewhere during the initial (6 month) consignment period.  If Consignor removes saddles from consignment before expiration of the contract period, a fee of $75 will be assessed to cover reconditioning, processing, and marketing expenses.                  

Termination. The Show Trunk and Consignor reserve the right to terminate this agreement before the consignment period ends with written notice to the other party. Consigned items will be available for pick up within 1 week of termination of the agreement.  The Show Trunk reserves the right to sell any equipment subject to a Trial Agreement prior to pick up by Consignor.