Vet-Strider Hoof Boot - Large - New!


  • $19.00
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This hoof boot offers protection for horses being treated with poultice during stall rest or hand walking.  For use on hoof abscesses, puncture wounds, bruising, lost shoes, or cracked hooves.  Reusable, can be used over wet or dry poultice or on its own.  Allows the hoof to breathe.

Quick to apply, check the fit, thread the tie through the correct band, place the boot over the hoof and tighten tie. Easy to remove, just cut the tie.  Only use the Vet Strider hoof boot over a hoof that is wrapped for horses on stall rest or being hand walked.

Only use the Vet Strider Ties as they will loosen or break in case of an emergency.  Not intended for riding or turnout.  Sold Individually.

Condition: New - outer packaging may show shop-wear

Size: Large

Color: Black

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