Tapestry Equine Comfort Girth - 52"


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Tapestry Comfort Girth brings comfort to your horse with its patented girth design that expands when your horse breathes. It reduces stress and pressure points while providing a secure and symmetrical connection to your saddle. English all-purpose and close contact saddle girth is especially helpful for alleviating pressure behind the elbow where traditional girths usually cause discomfort.

The Tapestry Comfort Girth is a hybrid elastic and leather saddle girth with a sternum pad lined in neoprene that provides non-slip performance. The elastic expands and allows your horse to breathe easier when working hard, thus improving his athletic performance. The girth is easy to maintain with saddle soap and oil for the leather components, a wet brush for the elastic straps, and a damp cloth to wipe off the neoprene under the sternum pad. The ends of the girth are handsome stitched leather with stainless steel buckles, making it an appropriate tack choice for the show ring as well as schooling.

Condition: Used - Excellent, some evidence of horse hair on elastic

Size: 54"

Color: Brown

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