Stubben Steeltec Padded Leather Hackamore Bit - Horse


  • $95.00
  • Save $52

The Stubben Steeltec Padded Leather Hackamore features a wide, soft, padded leather noseband, which means lots of surface area for greater comfort for your horse. The Stubben streamlined noseband adjustment system uses hook-studs instead of bulky buckles.  The anatomically shaped noseband follows the contour of your horse's face, the stainless steel shanks are the perfect length to give you just enough control, and the arched bridle attachment cheek slots are specially designed not just to be attractive, but to give more lateral control than other hackamores. They also ensure that the cheek straps on your bridle can't slide over your horse's eyes (a common problem when using hackamores). *Equipped with a chain curb strap.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Light use, no damage.  Chain curb strap installed.

Size: Horse (very adjustable - should fit most horses)

Color: Ebony

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