Stubben Steeltec 3-Ring Gag with Sweet Copper Link - 5"


  • $65.00
  • Save $34

Stubben's Sweet Copper metal alloy is made from 89% copper, 7% hardened iron + aluminum, and 4% zinc, and does not have any nickel (a potential allergen). Sweet Copper is durable, has a sweet taste that encourages salivation and responsiveness, and just plain feels good in your horse's mouth. Stubben bits are made with the highest attention to detail, from the research that went into the Sweet Copper alloy, to the way the holes for the rings are drilled (special drills are used to make the holes curved, for very smooth movement).

The Stubben Steeltec 3-Ring Gag is considered a leverage bit (also known as an elevator bit) that works on both the horse's mouth and poll and is great for horses that sometimes need a little bit of extra control slowing or help lifting their front end. On easy days, attach your rein to the center snaffle ring; add a rein to the bottom ring when you need something more.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Traces of scratches from light use

Size: 5"

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