Stubben Maxi-Grip Stirrups - 4.75"


  • $145.00
  • Save $124

These stirrup irons are cut from a high-quality aluminum alloy that only weighs 350 grams per piece. With an extremely stable construction, the "fly away" effect is eliminated so you won't have to worry about collecting your irons after sitting or posting the trot without stirrups.

The low-profile style will easily compliment any english saddle while the sharpened pyramid tread is built right into the footbed to keep your foot tight and secure. With an angled design to naturally aid in the "heels-down" position, it also relieves tension build-up in knees and ankles for a more natural look and feel in the tack. The wide footbed provides more surface area for additional stability while the ergonomic shape puts the tread right where it needs to be for optimal grip.

Condition: Used - Very Good, light scratches and a few minor nicks on aluminum bars

Size: 4.75"

Color: Silver

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