Stubben Double Offset Fillis Stirrups - 4.5"


  • $55.00
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The innovative Stübben Double Offset Fillis Stirrup Irons provide ultimate comfort and durability in an ergonomically styled design to better suit the rigors of every day competitive and performance riding.

Stübben's unique Double Offset design offers an offset stirrup leather ring which allows the stirrup to sit at an angle against the horse. The second offset is in the bar of the stirrup. This is set at an angle, making it easier to put your heel down. Both of these components promote a more comfortable stirrup position, allowing the rider's heel and foot to assume a more naturally appealing placement in the stirrup, easing knee and ankle discomfort for those long hours training in the saddle.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Metal in very good condition, pads show light dust and mild use

Size: 4.5"

Color: Silver

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