Sheepskin Perfect Balance Shimmable Half Pad with Rolled Edge - Large (17.5" - 18")


  • $89.00
  • Save $236

The Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half Pad is a therapeutic English horse saddle pad that offers complete wither protection and helps to solve temporary saddle fit issues. The Perfect Balance from Fleeceworks helps saddle fit while it helps maintain maximum contact for enhanced communication between horse and rider. Plush, pure Merino sheepskin delivers therapeutic back protection, heat & moisture transfer, and pressure relief. The front of the pad has two pockets that can be filled with inserts to lift the saddle off the wither area. This pad can also accommodate an optional full insert to add cushioning without disturbing your saddle's original balance, as well as a rear riser to adjust saddle fit; these inserts are sold separately.  NO SHIMS INCLUDED

Condition: Used - Good - billet straps removed, traces of discoloration on a few areas of sheepskin, cotton topside slightly wrinkled from washing

Size: Large (17.5" - 18") Length: 19″ x Width: 13" x Drop: 11.5″

Color: White

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