Premier Equine Air Cooled Front and Hind Boots - Small

Premier Equine

  • $115.00
  • Save $64

The Premier Equine Air Cooled Boots maximize leg protection without impeding your horse's natural action during galloping or jumping. Multiple air vents are optimally positioned throughout the boot to maximize cooling. As your horse is working, air passes through front air vents and circulates around your horse's leg keeping the tendons cool. The harder and faster your horse works, the greater the airflow through the venting system.  6 air vents on front boots, 8 air vents on hind boots.  2 outer protection layers consisting of 2520D ballistic nylon and microfiber leather.  The boots do not retain water, are machine washable, and air dry.  "Speedy Cut" design allows the boot to go high inside the hock for extra protection without restricting movement.

Condition: Used - Very Good - Light dirt on interior and velcro, no damage

Size: Small (14hh-14.3hh)

Color: Black

Small (14hh-14.3hh)
Medium (15hh-16.2hh)
Large (16.3hh-17hh)

Please note that these sizes are based on an average bone size. The Premier Equine Air Cooled Boots are front and hind specific, so there is no need to order a larger size for the hind; usually horses are the same size all around.

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