Custom Myler Cyprium Correction Low Port Dee with Hooks - MB 27LP - Level 2-3 (Rare) - 5"


  • $135.00
  • Save $99

This Myler Dee Ring with Hooks offers Cyprium Correctional Low Port in a Myler MB 27LP mouth. Featuring a copper alloy mouthpiece with hooks for proper bit placement and rein leverage. 

Level Two Myler Bits are designed for horses who have already had basic training and have mastered basic skills. These skills can include bending, lead changes, side passes and collection or holding a relaxed head position at the poll when the reins are relaxed, depending upon your riding discipline. Level Two Bits use more bar pressure than Level One Bits and may incorporate features that apply curb, palate and/or poll pressures as well. A minimum of intermediate riding skills work best for Level Two Bits.

Condition: Very Good

Size: 5"

*Notes: This is a custom handmade bit with a copper alloy mouthpiece not available in production Myler bits.  Extremely rare collector's piece.

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