Mikmar Straight Mouth Pelham - 5.25"


  • $75.00
  • Save $94

Mikmar Straight Mouth Pelham Bit with 5" cheeks has the Mikmar straight mouthpiece with copper roller. The unique Mikmar mouthpiece is a lightweight alloy while the cheeks are high quality polished stainless steel. The pelham bit allows direct action and leverage with a curb chain and two sets of reins. The snaffle rein attached to the upper ring provides pressure directly and helps with lateral flexion and encouraging the horse to lift his frame. The lower ring on the cheek is for the curb reins, which aids with vertical flexion and activates the curb chain when leverage is needed.

Condition: Used - Good - Light cosmetic scratches and oxidation, mouthpiece still smooth, one side of pelham rotates smoother than the other

Size: 5.25"

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