Mikmar Ergöm Lozenge Pelham - 5"


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“Cupreon” is a superior quality Copper alloy. Due to the composition and oxidation process, this appealing and highly palatable formulation promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit. It is non-toxic and Nickel free. Approved by both the USEF and USDF, the Cupreon Ergöm Lozenge is a double-jointed style mouthpiece with a unique center link. The Ergöm Lozenge is a grooved center link and is an ideal size and shape for effectiveness and comfort. The bars of the mouthpiece measure 16mm and are curved, fitting properly and conforming to each individual horses mouth, with 4" cheeks. The Ergöm Lozenge mouthpiece has been reduced in size slightly to maximize function and balance of the bit. 

Condition: Used - Excellent - Light scratches from teeth on mouthpiece, traces of oxidation

Size: 5"

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