MDC Super Sport Flex Stirrups - 4.75"


  • $115.00
  • Save $114

The MDC Super Sport flex model is the only stirrup on the world wide market offering MDC's adjustable top, wide base, positive foot pad and a world class flexible hinge.  The wide, grippy footbed on the MDC Super Sport offers comfort, support, and security when needed, and releases easily in a fall, but won't cut or abrade boots, breeches, and saddle leather like cheesegrater pads.  In addition, the MDC Super Sport features a world class flexible hinge not currently available on most wide based stirrups. MDC Stirrups have always been ergonomically designed and engineered for correct, comfortable and balanced riding. As with the originals, riders can select any of three preset stirrup positions on the MDC Super Sport: traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. These preset angles match your specific body needs and work to promote a greater harmony with your body alignment. Anyone with any stiffness or previous injuries will immediately feel this release of pressure on their joints. 

Condition: Used - Very Good - Light dust on footbed, traces of scratches on metal

Size: 4.75"

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