MDC S Flex Stirrup Iron - 5"


  • $125.00
  • Save $74

MDC's newest stirrup design combines the looks of a traditional iron with the advantages of a 45 degree forward-facing stirrup, along with MDC's wide aluminum tread. MDC S Flex Stirrups deliver improved stirrup and leg position, provide a greater base of support, relieve pressure on ankles, knees, hips, and back, and are easily retrievable, and safer in the event of a fall. The MDC S Flex Stirrups are the perfect flexible stirrup iron for the English rider who wants a distinct riding advantage but prefer the look of standard fillis irons.

On the S Flex Stirrup, the top of the stirrup slot is turned like an S while the lower portion of the slot faces forward. When the stirrup is in the show ring, the stirrup leather covers the S portion and the rest of the iron is hangs in the traditional plane. The base of the S Flex Stirrup is also ultra low profile, with a high traction wide aluminum tread and a 45 degree easy retrieval trailing edge.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Traes of scratches on metal and some light dirt on rubber

Size: 5"

Color: Silver

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