Mattes Spine Free Sheepskin Half Pad - Small (16.5")


  • $195.00
  • Save $180

Contoured half pad with “spine-free” channel, sheepskin panels and rear trim. No billet straps. Unique slotted design allows strap from bottom pad to feed through half pad directly to the saddle for a no-hassle fit.  The anatomically correct topline design of Mattes Sheepskin Pads follows the contours of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. The patented SPINE FREE® Design ensures the spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on the sensitive area of the back around the spine.

E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Pads are made with only the finest quality sheepskin and a one-at-a-time mentality that ensures product quality. Pads are handmade from start to finish with attention to detail that is unparalleled. Each hide is thoroughly inspected, hand picked for quality, and made with full hides to ensure no seams contact the horse’s back.  *Not a shimmable pad.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Barely used, slight traces of saddle oil on top quilting

Size: Small (16.5" saddles)

Color: White

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