Majyk Equipe Open Front and Ankle Boots - Horse

Majyk Equipe

  • $68.00
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The outer shell is carefully engineered so that the main shell is soft enough to wrap comfortably around your horse’s leg and flex with movement, while the harder strike area is built to withstand shock at a much higher level than most single mold soft touch boots. Inside the Strike Guard there is a secondary layer of protection. ARTi-LAGE, is a proprietary dilatant material, only found in Majyk Equipe Boots. Soft and pliable during normal exercise, the molecules change composition, hardening to form an instant protective barrier when struck. 

Condition: Used - Good working condition - Heavy horse hair on inside liners, some scuffing on velcro straps, blue marks on lower portion of hind boots

Size: Horse (One Size)

Color: White

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