Kentucky Armadillo Aero Elastic Open Front Jumping Boots - New!


  • $145.00
  • Save $74

Kentucky Armadillo Aero elastic tendon boots feature double elastic straps with plastic tabs that connect to brass studs on the boot. The open front boots feature a tough outer TPU shell that’s extremely light yet strong enough to protect against impact. A middle layer of protection is filled with shock absorbing D30, a material used in ballistic vests, motocross protective gear and other protective products that are required to disperse energy that would otherwise break bones. The last layer of protection is made of neoprene and molds against the horse’s leg. The neoprene lining is perforated, making the boots breathable while offering soft cushioning.

The tendon boots feature a higher cut than most other open front tendon boots. This high cut allows for increased freedom of movement around the pastern area which is useful for the mechanics of a jumping horse.

Condition: New in Box

Size: Full

Color: Brown

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