FreeJump Soft Up Lite Children’s Safety Stirrups - 4.25"


  • $195.00
  • Save $100

Following up on the huge success of its marquee product, Free Jump presents the perfect safety stirrups for children. The Soft up Lite Stirrups retain all the safety and performance parameters of the Soft Up Pro Stirrups. The Freejump Soft Up Lite stirrups are the perfect stirrups for kids and young riders.  The stirrups are ideal for younger riders, because of the smaller treads. The stirrups are individual left and right stirrups, for optimal fit and performance.

Designed for the young champions, the SOFT UP LITE is a single branch stirrup reduced in size directly inspired from the SOFT UP PRO. With the same outside flexible branch system to generate maximum safety, the SOFT UP LITE is 100% injected with elastan molded fiberglass loaded with polyacrylamide. The 10.7 cm tread width fits soles not exceeding 10.2 cm (in average shoe sizes up to EU 39/ UK 6 / US mens 7 / US women 7).

An open eye for fastening to the single-strap freejump stirrup leathers with a 45 ° angle for perfect foot position. Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope. Rectilinear beveled rear leading edge for better stability. Exclusive LOOK CYCLE technology nonslip studded tread surface.  Removable PINs are available to attach to the other branch for customizing the stirrups.

Condition: Used - Excellent - traces of dust from demo

Size: 4.25"

Color: Black

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