Freejump Foxy Tall Boots - 36 XST (Women's 6 XSlim Tall)


  • $295.00
  • Save $755

The first boots designed exclusively for women. Advanced features include closing magnetic system, front zipper for ease of use, sidas insole for utmost foot comfort, back zipper for compression and comfort, soft veal leather for comfort, new foot shape and ankle pattern for a better fit, soft tackles for spurs’ positioning choice, and rubber injected sole.

Condition: Used - Very Good - Light break in

Size: 36 XST (US Women's 6 XSlim Tall) This model runs small and narrow, if you hesitate between 2 sizes of feet, opt for the larger one.

Calf Width: 31-32 cm (12.2" - 12.6")

Calf Height: 44-45 cm (17.3" - 17.7")

Color: Black

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