Flex-On Junior Stirrups - 4.5" - New!

Flex On

  • $95.00
  • Save $100

Designed for the junior riders, these stirrups incorporate the same shock absorbing elements of their older cousin, the Flex On Shock Absorbing Stirrups for Adults. These pony stirrups are much lighter.

The stirrups are 4 1/2″ wide. The tread is covered with tiny spikes to provide a sticky and secure grip. The narrow width makes them ideal for riders with narrow feet.

The inclined tread enhances the natural heels down position, providing good stability and promoting a correct leg position. Easy cleaning with water. Recommended for riders under 132 pounds. 

Condition: New without Box - Some slight blemishes from in-store display

Color: Silver

*In store display items.  Some articles or their packaging may show evidence of shop wear.

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