Fleeceworks Sheepskin Shimmable Show Hunter Pad with Full Trim - Large (17.5"-18")


  • $195.00
  • Save $110

Perfect balance system featuring removable inserts. Anatomically correct. Versatile. Can be used with close contact and all purpose. Internal pockets hold removable inserts for discrete saddle fit corrections. Dense 1 inch sheepskin for maximum protection under points of the saddle tree. Sheared to 1/2 inch under saddle flap to provide a close feel. Full trim for the most traditional look. Inserts are not included.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Traces of horse hair on sheepskin, light staining from saddle, appears to have been used one time

Size: Large

Length: 17"
Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to inside back rolled edge

Width: 12"
Measured from inside rolled edges across the widest part of the pad

Drop: 17.25"
Measured from middle top line of pad to edge of flap

Color: White

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