EquuSport Custom Ankle Boot - Size 4 (Horse)


  • $65.00
  • Save $190

These are the perfect fancy boots for Equation or Jumpers.  Beautiful Sedgewick leather with lining.  Roller buckles, and reinforced stitching.

Condition: Used - Excellent - Light break-in, dust and light friction wear on neoprene liners, scratches on lower ankle area from brushing

Size: 4 (Horse)

Color: Brown

Size Chart:

Fronts           Backs
0                        1   Pony
1                        2   Pony   (medium pony tends to be this)
2                        3   Pony/Small Horse  (large pony/small hunter tends to be this size)
3                        4   Average Horse
4                        5   Large Hose
4 XL                   5   Large Horse Heavy Cannons  (straps are extra long)
5                        5   XL Horse  (borders on small Draft)

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