EquiFit Tendon Gel Compression Boot (Single)


  • $65.00
  • Save $40

The most convenient way to provide cold compression therapy to the tendon area. The EquiFit Tendon Gel Compression Boot reduces inflammation, controls swelling, and decreases risk of injury. Can be used for a variety of issues including suspensory injuries, bowed tendons, arthritic changes, and much more. Boots should be worn for no longer than 20 minutes per day.

GelPaks adhere to an outer shell that provides air compression via hand pump, and retain intense cold (or heat, if needed) while conforming to your horse's legs and remaining pliable out of the freezer.  The boot itself includes 5 hook-and-loop closures for optimal fit. Eliminate the bulk of machines and the inconvenience associated with traditional cold therapy application. *Note - Includes just the one boot and pump

Condition: Used - Excellent - Light dust, no damage, minimal use

Size: One Size

Color: Black

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