EGO 7 Aries Dress Boots - 42 S/+2

Ego 7

  • $349.00
  • Save $150

Size: 42 S/+2 (US Women's 11.5 Extra Tall Slim or Men's: 8.5/9 Extra Tall Slim)

Color: Black

Heel to Back of Knee Height: 20" 

Calf Width: 12.75"

Condition: Excellent

 The Aries boot is styled by Franco Tucci, known for his beautiful top-of-the-line custom boots. The Aries is crafted from fine European leather for a bespoke look.  Featuring an inner calf that's made from a synthetic material called E- TEX. It is incredibly durable yet soft and close-fitting like leather. 

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