Edgewood Sheepskin Lined Single Elastic Girth - 46"


  • $115.00
  • Save $72

Manufactured from the same quality cowhide as their strapwork. The inside is constructed from thick, 7/16" felt laid over a length of nylon webbing which is sewn in to prevent stretching and to add additional strength to the girth. A nylon-reinforcing strap is sewn into each buckle chape to prevent buckles from tearing. The inside felt and reinforcing webbing is then covered beautifully with an overlay of the highest quality top grain leather and sewn into place with heavy-gauge thread.  Sheepskin lining is removeable for easy cleaning.

Condition: Used - Excellent - elastic in great condition with minor discoloration, no damage on leather, sheepskin in excellent condition

Size: 46"

Color: Brown

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