Doda Model I Boots (Irregular)


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Doda boots were designed by Brazilian Olympic rider Alvaro Miranda Neto "Doda" . With his years of experience training and competing with the highest level of jumping horses, he felt that the currently available hind boot designs were not producing adequate results.  Working with Brazilian leather makers he took his time in designing a completely new and innovative hind boot which gives better, safer results than any other hind boot currently available.  The biggest difference between these boots and other hind boots, is that they are extremely light weight. They are relatively small, made of a soft leather lining and a durable leather outer shell. They are NOT weight boots, so they put no strain on the horse.  When using the Doda boot you will provide your horse with ample protection, without interference. The unique design and placement of the boot yields an improved hind leg placement over the jump.  This set is irregular, consisting of two right side boots.  As these boots are symmetrical in construction, they are still useable for their purpose, but the left side will have straps pointing inside.

Condition: Used - Excellent - light traces of use

Size: One Size - (Horse)

Color: Brown

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