De Niro Tricolore Amabile Dress Boots - Size 39 AS (Us Women's 8 Tall Slim)

De Niro

  • $235.00
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Tricolore by DeNiro Amabile Smooth Dress Boot is modern yet traditional with a timeless beauty any rider will appreciate. Featuring a tapered ankle and near-custom fit. Tricolore Amabile boots have a high Spanish top accented with a swagger tab and DNB Co. Italia Tricolore logo emblem.  A stretch panel along the back zipper assures a very close yet comfortable fit. An elastic keeper at the top prevents accidentally unzipping while the wrap panel at the bottom of the zipper adds protection from spurs.

The calfskin leather is water-resistant yet breathable thanks to the Water Resistant Advanced Treatment utilized on all leather parts of the boot. The WRAT technology during the leather tanning process adds longevity to the boots and helps preserve their beauty. 

Condition:  Used - Very good, light wear, zipper keep tab broken on left boot

Size:  39 A/S (US Women's 8 Tall Slim)

Calf Height: 47 cm (18.5")

Calf Width: 35.8 cm (14.09")

Color: Black

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