17.5" Schleese Eagle


  • $1,850.00

Year of Manufacture: 2008

Seat Measurement: 17.75"

Seat Type: Deep, narrow twist

Flap Measurement: 14.75" long (as measured from the top of the stirrup bar) x 14" wide

Flap Style: Standard

Tree: Medium (Adjustable)

Dot to Dot: 4.5"

Knee Blocks: Yes

Thigh Blocks: No

Panels: Wool

Leather: Doubled European Leather

Serial #: 8351S0708

New Price: $5,250

Schleese saddles are ergonomically designed for women to prevent saddle related pain & potential long-term back, hip, knee or pelvic issues.  Patented AdapTree®, higher cantle and customized seat foam to support the pelvis and prevent collapsing at the hip into chair seat.  Extended stirrup bars to assist positioning of the relatively longer upper to longer leg to prevent swinging of the leg.  Narrow Twist to accomodate hip articulation, allowing the upper thigh to be closer to the horse.  Wider and extra soft seat to provide support and comfort for wider female seat bones.  Patented Crotch Comfort™ to relieve pressure or rubbing of soft tissue at the pubic symphysis.

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