TuffRider All Seasons Blanket System - 75"


  • $91.00
  • Save $157

The TuffRider® All-Season Blanket eliminates the hassle of swapping out blankets and sheets or layering and undoing buckles over and over again during the day. No longer will you need a trunk full of sheets and blankets with different weights to suit the weather; the All-Season Blanket will save you time, money and valuable space in the tack room.  It includes a 150 gram insert, a 250 gram insert and an outer shell that protects against wind, snow and rain. Designed with ripstop fabric, the outer shell impedes the enlarging of small tears and holes, making this blanket not only versatile, but extremely tough and wearable for horses that are hard on turnouts.  Together, you will have four options in one turnout:

Wind/waterproof sheet
Lightweight blanket
Medium-weight blanket
Heavyweight blanket (combining both inserts with the shell).

Condition: Used - Good - Mild dirt and horse smell on main shell and neck, 250 g insert new unused, 150 g insert lightly dirty with several small holes

Sizez: 75"

Color: Navy with Mint Trim

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