The Lettia Neoprene Clik English Girth - 46" - New!


  • $77.00
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The Lettia Neoprene Clik English Girth has a gel insert that runs along the length of the girth to mold to your horse's conformation, neoprene non-slip backing, double elastic ends, contoured shape, and the Best and most unique part of this girth is that they've upgraded the buckles from simple rollers to rollers with a spring-loaded tongue. This means that there's no more fiddling with the buckles when you are tightening your girth, no matter if it's on a cold morning after you've already put on gloves or mounted your horse. The spring-loaded tongue of the buckle will easily and automatically find its way into the holes of your billets because it stays up against the buckle. The girth width contours from 3 ¼" at the narrowest point, to 4" at the widest point.

Condition: new

Size: 46"

Color: Brown

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