EquuSport Custom Fancy Wide Noseband Bridle (5/8" Cheeks) with Reins - XFull - New!


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EquuSport Custom bridles are similar to Jimmy’s 20th Century Bridles.  The color of the leather is pigmented Sedgewick Hazel.  Light color tannage insures top quality hides. Equipped with matching raised fancy stitched laced reins. *Please note, due to the pigmentation process, this leather will not darken to the dark brown of typical EquuSport custom bridles. This leather oils to a medium brown. 

Condition: New (Oiled)

Size: XFull with 5/8" cheeks (XFull is between Full and Oversize, with a 2" longer crown/throatlatch piece, 1.5" longer browband and 2" longer noseband than size Full)


Crown - 8.5" x 13" x 47"

Browband - 16"

Noseband - 30" x 12" x 8" x 33" x 1 1/8"

Color: Medium Brown

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