Bit Converters

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Pelham Bit Converters are a pair of rolled leather English bridle straps that allow you to ride in your pelham bit with a single rein. Attractive Australian Nut color coordinates nicely with most English bridles. Leather bit converters have buckles on each end to attach to the rings on your pelham bit. Place one end on the ring that your primary rein would attach to then place the other end on the ring where your curb rein would go. Now you can attach your primary rein directly to the leather loop and get the curb action of the pelham with a single rein. Convenient bit accessory for riders who haven't quite mastered the art of riding with two reins, as well as young riders whose hands just aren't big enough yet to do so. Pelham bit converters are easy to attach and remove.

Condition: Used - Very Good - Light denting from use, no damage

Size: One Size

Color: Brown

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