Back on Track Quick Wrap (Right) - 16"

Back on Track

  • $25.00
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Back on Track Quick Wraps feature an easy-to-use, all-in-one design that quickly fastens into place with hook and loop closures, eliminating the need for pillow wraps and standing wraps. These wraps utilize Back on Track’s Welltex® fabric, which contains fine ceramic powder, to reflect your horse’s own body energy to create a soothing far infrared thermal effect. This far infrared wavelength penetrates deeper into the tissues. This unique material helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen transport throughout the area, which may help to decrease swelling and help keep your horse’s legs cool and tight. Many horse owners use these wraps for both injury prevention and recovery, as well as for everyday use or to help your horse bounce back from a tough workout. They’re also great to use while shipping. *Only the right wrap included.

Condition: Used - Good - Light scuffing from velcro, some shavings and horse hair, writing on one strap

Size: 16" (Right side)

Color: Black

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