Abbey Tom Thumb Rubber Jointed Pelham - 6.25"


  • $119.00
  • Save $90

The rubber over the stainless steel core of the Abbey Rubber Jointed Pelham is milder and gentler in the horse’s mouth. The rubber covering over the single jointed mouthpiece makes the bit softer and thicker for the horse. The single jointed mouthpiece has a nutcracker type action that increases the pressure on the bars and lessens the pressure on the center of the tongue.

The cheekpieces apply pressure at the poll when the reins are in use. Two reins are needed or a bit converter can be used in place to make this bit usable with a single rein. The curb chain should be tightened so that it is only felt when the bit rotates in the mouth approximately 45 degrees.

Condition: Used - Very Good - Very light traces of toothmarks on rubber, otherwise excellent condition

Sizze: 6.25"

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