* Tack Hack * The Bight Knot

Ever been in a situation where the reins are just too long when you are riding? Perhaps you are riding a large horse that prefers a long low head carriage when walking, but high and short when working, or a fresh horse that is doing its best impression of a saddled giraffe, or maybe you are borrowing a larger horse’s bridle for the ride.

The bight (the excess loop that lays on the horse's neck after the rider's grasp of the reins) could loop around the rider’s foot while working and create a dangerous situation where the reins could get trapped around the rider’s leg, restricting the rider’s communication with and control of the horse. A hazardous situation that can escalate to terrifying for both the horse and rider when jumping.

*Tack Hack Solution* – tie a knot in the bight of the reins to shorten the length and continue your ride safely. As an extra precaution, you can unbuckle the reins after tying them and eliminate the risk entirely.

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Ride Safe!