A full service tack shop specializing in the consignment and liquidation of premium English close contact saddles, equipment, and apparel.

The Show Trunk can help you:

Save Money!

Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars buying used equipment in excellent condition.  

New saddles can put a strain on any equestrian's budget.  Used equipment can be the perfect solution saving time and money, as well as allowing riders to shop for premium European saddles and bridlework, otherwise out of their price range.

Save Time!

The Show Trunk has business relationships with numerous retail tack stores, saddle vendors, and service providers.

Let us help you find exactly the equipment that you and your horse require, and save you money in the process.

Sell Your Saddle!

Take advantage of our wide customer base and get your saddle sold faster.  Each saddle consigned with us is cleaned and/or reconditioned before being placed in the store and online, ensuring that consignors receive the best price for their saddle.  

The Show Trunk's saddle inventory turns over rapidly, so we are always looking for new consignments.  We have customers for all sizes and budgets and sell saddles from entry level to premium brands.  

Contact us to determine whether your saddle would be a good fit for our store. 
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